“Cell therapy is one of the most exciting
fields of medicine and represents an incredibly powerful yet holistic approach”

Joy Kong, MD

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Podcast with Cynthia Thurlow & Brad Kearns

Dr. Joy Kong did a podcast with Cynthia Thurlow and Brad Kearns at her clinic in LA.

They covered A LOT of ground, from the current medical model and paradigm shift, to proper protein intake, to intermittent fasting, to child-rearing, to staying balanced…


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How Do You Health Biohacking Conference, Austin, TX

Dr. Joy Kong gave a presentation at the How Do You Health conference on the integrative approach she utilizes to help her patients - incorporating stem cells, exosomes, peptides, ketamine, ozone, hormone replacement and more…

"Our body is complex, and I feel it is my responsibility to bring in as many powerful modalities as I can to get patients the best results possible…

If each new modality is going to enhance a patient’s outcome by only 10%, I will use it! Because every 10% add up!"


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The TRUTH about STEM CELL therapy

Dr. Joy Kong recent video - The Truth About STEM Cell Therapy.

"What I am going to tell you may surprise you, but this is the TRUTH about STEM CELL therapy. Please let me know your thoughts and any questions you may have."


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